Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility highlights the role business plays in contributing to a better society by actively engaging and consulting with all stakeholders in a manner that goes beyond its financial and legal commitments.

Aurivo recognises this obligation and that it is an integral part of the communities in which it operates. As a result of its diversified operations the company generates economic and social vibrancy in both urban and rural areas and is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in these communities.

The company is sensitive to any impact its operations may have on its stakeholders and is committed to ensuring that the needs, views and interests of all stakeholders are taken into consideration where appropriate.


Sustainability is embedded in our mission statement – “To enhance the lives of our members, customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate in a sustainable way”. Compliance with environmental regulatory requirements is considered a minimum standard for all Group Businesses. All Aurivo businesses strive to implement best practice in their operations and operate comprehensive environmental and quality systems.


More focus is on the sustainability of our environment. Across the group, we operate programmes to ensure the responsible disposal of packaging, including the re –use and recycling of all packaging types and the use of licensed contractors to safely dispose of non – recyclable waste packaging.

Aurivo is launching a joint venture energy company Glanoir in 2013. This energy company will use CHP (combined heat & power) technology at our Dairy Ingredients site. The CHP plant will be power using Biomass (woodchip), displacing approximately 50% of heavy fuel oil that is currently used.

Supply Chain

We can be proud of our credentials in this respect, while some competitors claim sustainability credentials for cows grazing for relatively short periods our milk comes off a grass base for at least 180 days per annum.


Our co-operative employs 731 people directly and provides additional jobs in transport, distribution and forestry.

The need to support and play an active role in the development and social fabric of the areas in which the company operates and at a national level is a clearly defined organisational objective. Aurivo encourages its employees to get involved in community activities and use their expertise to assist those organisations in providing much needed community support and benefit.


Employees are fundamental to the success of the business. The goal in the workplace is to deliver a stronger more sustainable business for the members in the coming years.

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