A Game of 2 Halves

Our most recent campaign ‘Autumn Grass: A Game of 2 Halves’ was launched in early August to help our milk suppliers get an extra 10 days at grass this Autumn! An extra 10 days at grass is worth €1,300 to the average (65 cows herd) in the Aurivo region. Check out our online videos and support for your grazing year.

In order to extend Autumn grazing we need to build grass up for the 1st of October. This grass can be extended into November (weather allowing). Although Autumn grass is known for being slightly lower energy than summer grass- it is still MUCH BETTER quality feed than the silage samples tested in our labs in Ballaghadereen.

Autumn Grass can seen in 2 Halves:

  • 2nd Half: October- November is all about grazing allocated area per day


  • 1st Half: August-September is all about extending your rotation length

1st Half: August- September

Rotation Length in early August is at 21 days and should build up to 30 days rotation by 1st September and further extends to 40 day rotations by 1st October.

Grass covers should increase to a peak of 1,150kg DM/ha in late-September. On lowly stocked farms Average Farm Cover (AFC) should not increase above 1,000kg DM/ha due to the risk of this grass not being utilised. This rule also applies to farms on heavier soils where poor weather in October can effect utilisation of heavier grass covers.

When rotation length is not increasing, grazing can be slowed down by introducing supplement such as high quality baled silage at milking. By avoiding this and having no grass at the end of September there is no grass to extend into November.

Local Aurivo Farms:

4 local farmers will be profiling their plans for this Autumn from throughout the region in a range of farm systems and soil types. Keep track of each one via video click here on the names below:

Tim Kelly, South Galway

Christopher Tuffy, Sligo

Cathal & Niamh Garvey, North Galway Winter Milk

Ivan Ferguson, Donegal


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