A new name for our 33 retail stores, Homeland. Visit www.homeland.ie

As our business footprint continues to expand geographically, and a broadening of our product range to meet wider customer needs, a new name was required to help all customers, existing and new, to understand the breath of choice in our stores. Our new store name Homeland delivers on this challenge.

Home: represents our broader product range and customer base with products for the garden and all outside the home needs.

Land: representing our core agri. customer, our heritage and the importance of our farmer customers to our business.

Symbol: life and growth in our communities, of the land and from the land. These petals encompasses everything associated with the land or in the garden.

The new Homeland rebrand has been rolled out across all our stores.  The rebrand started January 1st 2014 with all external signage being updated first and then over the next two years, all internal signage and décor will also be updated.

With great new products across all our stores from agri to garden, the same exceptional service that you expect and the same exceptional knowledge of our staff makes this change an exciting time for our store business and all the customers that we serve.

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