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Pre Booking every Wednesday for Saturdays sale @ 0818 301 401.

Phone 9.30am – 11.00am for Bullocks & Heifers.
Phone 11.00am – 1.00pm for Dry Cows & Springer’s.

Pre Booking every Thursday for the Weanling Sale.

Phone 9.30am – 1.00pm for Weanlings @ 0818-301-401.

Manager: Michael Murphy contact no: 087-2420144.

Balla Mart Office: 094)9365068.

Sales yard opens at 7:30am & Sellers are asked to have cattle penned before the sale starts so buyers can view the lots.

Failure to do so will result in lots been held back……Your co-operation is appreciated.

  • Sellers are reminded that all livestock must have two ear Tags.
  • Farmers are advised to have all weanlings be properly butts!!!
  • Full Up to-date Licence from PSRA in place for 2016/2017: Licence No: 00133


Video Above: Craig a Char heifer owned by a Killalla road – Ballina farmer weighing 665kg @ E1,700.00 or E1035 with the weight


Photo Above: From the sale of 17-02-2017 a Char Bullock born Mar ’16 sold last Saturday the 17th by a Curry – Sligo farmer weighing 790kg @ E1,905.00 or E1,115 with the weight….


Video Above: On the 13th Jan 2018 the first sale back proved a great success the following…A 730kg CHX bullock born Apr 15 sold by a Ardacarra – Bohola farmer for E1,720.00 euro or 990 euro with the weight.


Photo Above: From the sale of 26-08-2017 a smashing char bullock 785kg made E1,920.00 euro at Balla Mart…the bullock was born Aug ’15 and sold by a Boleyboy – Claremorris farmer who was very pleased with her sales as she had another bullock which also made E1,920.00.

Photo Above: Best Wishes to Auctioneer Adrien Tansey who retired on Saturday last the 27th of May…



Balla Mart Report…

On Saturday the 7th of April the sale was held at Balla with approx 900 cattle. The RTE Nationwide team was in attendance filiming at the mart for the day… Presenter Mary Kennedy also auctioned a BBX heifer for the AURIVO Charity of the year 2018 “Down Syndrome Ireland” the heifer weighed 370kg @ E1,460.00 & this programme will be aired in September. Trade was brisk with some buyers surprised by the great cattle on offer. Bullocks 300kg to 400kg averaged 2.60p/kg and the best a 385kg CHX sold by a Cloonaweena – Charlestown farmer at E1,110.00 or 3.26 p/kg.
Bullocks 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.29 p/kg…the best a nice 480kg LMX born Jan 2017 sold by a Rockfield – Claremorris farmer at E1,305.00 or 2.72p/kg, While heavier bullocks 500kg + averaged 2.28 p/kg. A 725kg CHX bullock born Apr 16 sold by a Foxford farmer for E1,685.00 euro or 960 euro with the weight.
There was a fine sale of heifers with 300 on offer this week & prices up on last week. Heifers up to 400 kg averaged 2.63 Euro p/kg . The best store this week omitting the heifer for charity was a April ’17 born 370kg CHX heifer sold by a Carrowkeel – Ballyhaunis farmer for E1,240.00 or E3.35p/kg. Heifers 400kg to 500kg averaged 2.47 p/kg with the weight. The best an exceptional 485kg CHX heifer born Apr ’16 sold by a Cloonlee – Knock farmer at E1,340.00 or 2.75 p/kg. While 500kg plus averaged 2.38p/kg…they met with a very strong trade and the best was a strong 710kg CHX born May ’15 sold by a Castlehill – Ballina farmer at E1,900.00 euro or 2.68 p/kg.
This week there was 100 cows on offer this week. The best a Jan ’12 born Lim cow with its 4mt Lim bull calf at foot sold by a Kilmeena – Westport farmer for E2,000.00 euro,…..while in the dry cows a 965kg Char Cow born Feb ’11 sold by an Ballyheane – Castlebar farmer for E1,475.00 euro and overall dry cows averaged 1.80 p/kg this week.

On the 2nd of April the first of the Monday weanling sales was held at Balla. There was a fine trade with some good bits of cattle on offer….any quality continental stock got the price and in between types were harder to sell considering the state of the weather and the fodder shortage at the moment.

The weanling bulls 200 to 350kg averaged 2.61p/kg, While heavier types 350 to 450 kg averaged 2.47 p/kg. Heavier types 450kg+ averaged 2.47 p/kg. A farmer from           Lecarrow – Charlestown was happy after seeing his May ’17 born 465kg CHX bull sold at E1,460.00 or 3.14 p/kg & E995 with the weight for export.

In the Heifer weanlings there was a good quality light slips for feeding. Those weighing 200 to 350 kg averaged 2.70 p/kg. Heavier heifers 350 to 450 kg averaged 2.45 p/kg. One nice June ’17 born calf weighing 370kg BBX sold by a Kilmovee – Ballaghaderreen farmer that made E1,340.00 or 3.62p/kg & in general they made between E700 to E800 euro with the weight.


285KG CHX E870 @ 3.05 P/KG

340KG CH E1110 @ 3.26 P/KG

480KG LMX E1305 @ 2.72 P/KG

590KG LMX E1480 @ 2.51 P/KG

695KG CHX E1620 @ 2.33 P/KG

*725KG CHX E1685 @ 2.32 P/KG


285KG CHX E900 @ 3.16 P/KG

370KG CHX E1240 @ 3.35 P/KG

485KG CHX E1340 @ 2.76 P/KG

580KG LMX E1565 @ 2.70 P/KG

610KG LMX E1650 @ 2.70 P/KG

710KG CHX E1900 @ 2.68 P/KG

Bull Weanlings:
295KG CHX E950 @ 3.22 P/KG

330KG CHX E1065 @ 3.23 P/KG

405KG BBX E1380 @ 3.41 P/KG

*465KG CHX E1460 @ 3.14 P/KG

540KG BA_ E1520 @ 2.81 P/KG

Heifer Weanlings:

185KG LM_ E525 @ 2.84 P/KG
230KG LMX E1080 @ 4.70 P/KG
*370KG BBX E900 @ 2.37 P/KG





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