Our business has always being innovation focused and continues to lead in this area whether product or process, Aurivo Dairy Ingredients is consistently looking for new manufacturing technologies, overcoming challenges of new product and flavour development and focusing on operational efficiencies in the plant to deliver improved business performance, volume throughput and remain competitive.


Biomass Boiler

One of our largest innovative process investments, a new biomass boiler will be installed in 2014. The 12MW Biomass Boiler as illustrated on the right is currently being constructed for commissioning during 2013. This boiler will displace approximately 4 million litres of imported fuel oil by obtaining its fuel source from sustainable forestry and waste wood processing materials. The biomass project will utilise locally produced wood chip generating employment in the local community and leading to a significant reduction in the CO2 emissions of the plant. A large percentage of this woodchip will come from waste materials from the wood processing facility in the west of Ireland therefore contributing to local business. We pride ourselves on finding the most innovative solution to energy and waste reduction.



The organisation strives for continuous improvement and has found that the implementation of structured management systems helps to drive this improvement. In 2011 Aurivo Dairy ingredients set out to be the first division of the Coop to obtain certification for the international energy management standard ISO 50001. Through the dedication of all employees onsite and the utilisation of structured systems Aurivo Dairy Ingredients achieved certification in 2011. We have found that since the implementation of this system our energy consumption has decreased dramatically as a result of the strategic and focused approach. This has also driven been spinoff effects throughout the company with regards to waste generation, chemical consumption therefore constantly improving our environmental performance and sustainability throughout our organisation.

Aurivo Dairy Ingredients are also British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited. To be accredited to this standard demonstrates our level of competence in hygiene, food safety and quality systems. The goal of Aurivo Dairy Ingredients is to demonstrate this level of competence, not only within the process itself, but also through all of the operations which occur within the companies’ control which contribute to the production of our high quality products.

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