Connacht Gold launches new identity … Aurivo

Aurivo starts a new tradition in the agri sector

A new tradition in the agrifood sector is starting with the announcement today that Connacht Gold Co-operative Society Ltd will propose a new name to shareholders which will be voted on by shareholders on 10th May. Following a number of years of expansion and innovation, the co-operative is proposing a new name that combines its heritage of listening to customers with the vibrancy and vitality of its extensive product range. The decision to propose a new name follows from two years of planning and market research since 2011.

The new name, Aurivo Co-operative Society Ltd., was unveiled at a series of employee and regional advisory meetings this week to coincide with the distribution of details to shareholders ahead of the AGM. As well as the new name for the co-operative, a new approach to naming and managing the product names in the co-operative was also unveiled. The Sligo Headquartered consumer foods, marts, dairy ingredients, feeds and retail co-operative will continue to invest in its family of brands and its innovation programme. Ongoing support for the consumer foods business unit will be seen in the coming weeks with additional national TV advertising campaign to further drive sales of Connacht Gold Low Fat Butter.

The re-branding will not impact on the high profile Connacht Gold consumer brands, which will be retained as will the Donegal Creameries brand and the recently acquired Organic For Us brand. Urging shareholders to support the co-op’s name change, Padraig Gibbons said with the growth in both depth and breadth of the business in recent years the time is now right to introduce a range of new brands and update existing brands.

“In taking this decision, we are continuing our tradition of securing our future through innovation. Our investment in new brand architecture will also help us focus on exciting new opportunities to support the communities we serve,” Padraig Gibbons said.

With innovation playing a central role in the ethos of the co-operative, a new approach to the animal feeds business was also launched. Combining innovation in farm management with proven feed optimisation and animal nutrition, the company’s feed business will now be known as Nutrias. Grounded in the science of animal nutrition, Nutrias will launch a number of new initiatives in the coming months to support progressive feed and farm management practices.

The co-operative’s established retail and agri-store business will soon become known as Homeland with variants of Homeland Plus and Homeland Agri to reflect the range available in each outlet. As part of the research the company listened to consumers to ascertain the key product lines and service ethos they wanted from a best class retailer for their community. The research findings will play a key role in the ongoing development of the Homeland offering through all stores in the chain.

The marts business of the co-operative will also update their brand. Research among customers shows that the marts are generally referred to by location. Respecting this tradition the co-operative will focus the name of the marts on their location and bring that to the fore.
Speaking about the initiative today, Aaron Forde, CEO of Connacht Gold said:
“Connacht Gold, with a heritage of more than 100 years of farm and community support, has always invested for innovation and sustainable growth. Over the years our business has grown in both depth and breadth and the time is now ripe for us to introduce a range of new brands and update our existing brands. In taking this decision we are continuing our tradition of securing the future through innovation and that applies as much to our brand innovation as to our product innovation. Our investment in the brands will also help us focus on exciting new opportunities to support the communities we serve. Importantly, it also means increasing the strength of what we already have with strong national consumer brands like Connacht Gold – brands which go to the very core of what we stand for and which have a loyal following among consumers and retailers alike. “

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