Simona Ciorita Jaago

Simona CioritaSimona, who is originally from Romania, joined Aurivo in 2006 as a Lab Technician in the Consumer Foods business unit. Since then she has worked as a Production Co-ordinator and later as Production Supervisor, until moving into her current role as a Milk Advisor. Simona graduated from university with a degree in Animal Husbandry.

The large variety of jobs in Aurivo gave her the opportunity to find a job suitable for her qualifications and to pursue her dream of coming back to Ireland, where she first came as a student on farm work experience.

What she likes about her job is that there are no two days the same. She enjoys blending between the two sides of her job: the milk quality aspect of farm services and the office work.

For her personally,

Aurivo made me feel really part of the community, considering that I’m originally not very local’, but Aurivo is, as well getting to meet and know lots of people.

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