Breíd Lindsay

Bried LindsayBreíd Lindsay joined Aurivo in 2009 starting out as an accounts administrator with our Donegal Creameries brand. Following her involvement in the adoption of handheld technology in the van sales department, Breíd then moved into the role of Van Sales Co-ordinator.

Breíd attributes Aurivo’s success to being a locally based company with strong community links, which deals in a successful indigenous industry. As well as this, Aurivo is a progressive and innovative business with many opportunities for development and career progression.

For her, fortunately every day is different in Van Sales owing to the challenges of managing a large number of delivery vans on the road. Her job mainly entails coordinating the day to day running of the Van Sales Operation which involves

  • Recruiting new personnel
  • Training the Sales Team to successfully use HHT (HandHeld Technology)
  • Monitor & manage Costs
  • Ensuring Transport legislation is being adhered to

She says it’s hard to pick just one best part of working for Aurivo!

Aurivo is ultimately a customer focused company in the food sector, which is a stable growing sector. But what I see as the best thing is that, we are part of a rural community –we buy milk from local farmers and sell to local community. It’s exciting to see where your product goes – it’s tangible.

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